The Splash Damage Bros. E3 Photo Album

Here’s the pics we’re willing to share with you. You’re welcome. Keep an ear out for all of our upcoming E3 content on our Podcast. Thank you!

Signs like this one were up several blocks around the convention center in all directions. And a few of them were 100% hand painted.
Massive Avengers Game banner. With two games featuring the Marvel Universe this was a great E3 for any Marvel fan.
Cyberpunk2077 was one of the conferences darlings. See Nathan’s review for more info!
Ubisoft throwing out all the stops with their Watchdogs 3 banner.
Cloud’s Bike from Final Fantasy 7. This became a free photo opportunity for anyone at the convention center.
E3 condoms. Friends who play together stay safe together.
Lego Star Wars showing off Han in Carbonite. One of the more popular photo stops on the convention floor.
The Blue Bomber himself showing off his portrait mode vibes.
Borderlands 3 had one of the more impressive booth areas and the wall art was a huge part of the vibe.
Life size wearable Doom helmet.
Vault Hunter statue.
An overall view of the Borderlands 3 area.
Fortnite’s area included a DJ, dancers, and live competitions.
The pre-hallway area for the Cyberpunk2077 demo.
Here’s where you go if you want to Vault Hunt my dudes.
The CD Projekt Red meeting rooms were impressive.
CD Projekt Red bar.
We couldn’t stay away!!!
The Nintendo area had actual Pokemon trainers who were wearing real Pokemon trainers! WE NEED THOSE SHOES
One of the booth areas showing off their winnings on the last day.
Inside the Luigi’s Mansion 3 demo
Inside XBox’s Theatre.

Thanks for clicking along! All photos provided by John Lipari and Nathan Collier. Please ask before using them in any posts or replications. For more on our E3 experience stay tuned for our E3 podcast coming soon!

Nathan is co-host of the Splash Damage Bros. podcast and can be found at @thenatejc and @splashdamagebro

One thought on “The Splash Damage Bros. E3 Photo Album

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